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SPECIAL – April 14, 2013 – Please read this letter from the Captain of The Privateer
April 18: Gold This Week (GTW) daily updates – for Privateer subscribers
April 14: The current issue of The Privateer (#726) — Read a quote here
April 5: Weekly Gold commentary for NON Privateer subscribers
April 4: The ECB and The Bank of England hold their rates steady at 0.75 percent and 0.50 percent
April 3: Bank of Japan announces plans to double its monetary base by the end of 2014
April 2: Reserve Bank of Australia leaves interest rates on hold at 3.00 percent
April 1: A “cranky old man” invades the New York Times – Bravo David Stockman!
Easter Monday Holiday in the UK and Australia
March 28: Monthly Dow chart – December 1974 to March 2013
March 20: FOMC meeting – No changes made to US interest rates or “stimulative” measures – read the press release
March 19: Cyprus parliament votes “NO” on European plan to “tax” bank depositors
March 1: The “sequester” cuts in for the US government
December 31: Treasury debt “subject to limit” hits the current $US 16.394 TRILLION ceiling

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